Cats in Water Pictures

Cats don't usually like water but judging by some of these pictures and videos, some cats seem to love the water! Take for example this surfing cat! Amazing!

CNN News - Surfing Cat Video

Surfing Cat Video

Kitten that Loves Water Video

Why Cats Hate Water
According to our search results on variations of "cats hate water," it seems that not all cats hate water. In fact, some cats love water.

Dr. Universe notes that cat species native to hot areas seem to enjoy water, whereas cat species from cold areas aren't so fond of the wet stuff. Tigers, lions, jaguars, ocelots, and jaguarundi are all from hot savannas, and they enjoy taking dips in cool, refreshing streams and ponds whenever they get the chance.

Snow leopards, lynx, bobcats, and cougars live in cold environments and have little interest in getting wet. One veterinary professor suggests that water damages the ability of a cat's fur to insulate the animal against cold. This would explain why cold-weather cats don't like water -- it only makes them colder. But hot-weather cats don't have this problem.

Many domestic cats don't seem to enjoy water sports. Of course, they may not experience the extreme heat of the African plains, so they have no great impulse to take a dip. Also, no cats enjoy water used against them in an antagonistic manner or getting water in their eyes or ears. Being sprayed or squirted with water isn't fun, nor is being forced into a bath. Cats much prefer to meet new situations on their own terms.

Some housecats enjoy stepping into a shower or playing with a dripping faucet. The tolerance for water varies from cat to cat and may depend on the cat's previous experience. When people regularly enter their cats in cat shows, the cats must be bathed frequently, and those cats do get accustomed to the procedure. Show cats are often raised for the profession and get used to baths as kittens.


Old Sea Cat said...

Some domestic cats definitely like water. When I was a young child growing up in the tropics, we had a ginger moggy who would come down to the local salt water creek with us and jump right in. He loved it. Used to amaze other people.