Don't let the cat out of the bag!

Funny cat pictures that goes well with the saying 'don't let the cat out of the bag!' Does anyone know why cats like bags so much? If so, please leave a comment below. Judging by these pictures, a cat is quite at home in a bag!

Why do cats love to lay on papers and plastic bags?
Cats like to squeeze themselves into small spaces. They crawl into drawers, baskets, and boxes. They climb into corners of closets, hide under beds, and station themselves in the corner of your favorite easy chair. Before you've even unpacked your groceries, your cat is curled up inside one of the paper bags.

If it is small in area and has at least three sides, your cat will probably climb inside and make himself comfortable.

It isn't difficult to imagine why cats like being enclosed. They feel snug and protected in smaller, defined places. Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection; their ever-present instinct tells them to be alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they are dozing. If the enclosure has a top, that's even better.

Finally, here is a funny video of a cat with a bag on its head!