Amazing video of a cat soothing a crying baby to sleep!

Amazing video of a cat soothing crying baby to sleep! At first it appears the last thing baby Connar wants while he cries and writhes around is for a cat to come along and start playing with him. But this hilarious video shows how Stewie manages to send his new friend off to sleep and stop the tears after some careful and patient stroking.

The clip, uploaded by the baby’s father Aaron Grant, 35, of Canada, ends with Stewie staring at the camera with great pride at what he has done.

This funny cat video shows how Stewie the cat manages to send baby Connar off to sleep and stop his tears after some careful and patient stroking. The hit YouTube video was uploaded in September but has gone viral over the last few days after being featured on video-sharing websites. It begins with Stewie trying to stroke Connar, who wriggles and waves his arms around in what seems to be an attempt to get the cat off him. I'm just taking a cat nap: Even a snow storm can't disturb this sleepy Siberian tiger. But suddenly baby Connar, who is dressed in a cute light blue suit as he lies in his green rocking chair, appears to fall asleep. The cat keeps his paws on Connar’s head, as the baby continues to writhe around slightly but stops crying altogether. The ’Cat soothing crying baby to sleep’ video was uploaded to YouTube on September 4 2011 and has received around 65,000 views so far.